Anesthesia or sedation is frequently required for diagnostic, surgical, dental or other procedures where immobilization or pain control is beneficial. We ask that your pet arrive no later than 8:30 AM on the day of his/her scheduled surgery or procedure. Withholding all solid food after 7:00 PM the night before is important because anesthesia can occasionally cause vomiting. Please inform us if your pet has eaten or taken medication after this time. We generally recommend and encourage having water available throughout the night. 

Once arriving at Greensboro Veterinary Hospital, one of our knowledgeable veterinary technicians will walk you through the anesthesia consent form and collect contact information from you while your pet is in our care. We require pre-anesthesia blood-work to test the functions of your pet’s vital organs. One of our veterinarians conducts a pre-anesthetic physical exam to finalize surgical plans. 

Because of our high concern for your pet’s safety, we use Isofluorane and/or Sevofluorane gas as general anesthetics. Gas anesthesia is safe and recovery is quick, leaving very little medication in your pet’s body after the procedure. We also use a variety of injectable anesthetics and sedative agents. This decision is based on your pet’s individual needs and pre-anesthetic blood-work results.

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