With the exception of emergencies, we generally perform surgeries by appointment. We have a single dedicated room as our surgical suite where we perform sterile surgical procedures. Our doctors and staff take all safety precautions for the health and safety of your pet, including wearing caps, masks, sterile gowns and gloves. All of our patients are placed on a warm water-circulating heating pad and/or a forced air warming blanket to main appropriate body temperatures.  A member of our surgical team monitors all vital signs continuously during each procedure. We welcome post-op progress report calls from our pet owners. At discharge, a member of our staff will go over any post-op care instructions and answer any questions you have.

Our hospital practices laparoscopic, or minimally invasive, surgery.  By providing this cutting edge service, we are able to offer our clients and patients decreased surgery and anesthesia time, faster recovery time and increased comfort.  Laparoscopic technique can be used for spay surgeries, abdominal exploratories and biopsy, cystoscopy and bladder stone removal, gallbladder removal, rhinoscopy (sinus exploration) and otoscopy (deep ear exploration).  Surgery is performed through 2 or 3 keyhole (5mm) incisions and visualization is optimized by a high quality laparoscope (or camera).  We are proud to be able to offer you and your four legged family members this safer, more comfortable option for surgery.  

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